About Us

What and who is mikzd? Karen Zambos and Alison Kennedy the founders of mikzd are believers that you get one spin and believe in using that time seeking adventure, enjoying your passions, spending time with your loved ones, exhaling, inhaling, biting into life. Mikzd is made for all of life's moments wherever you go and whatever you do, mikzd is your best companion.

We wanted to make a product that is multi-tasking, time-saving, and beautiful so we made a portable artisan cocktail blend that tastes terrific.

Why? Because life’s too delicious to sit around waiting for something to happen- you need to supply the fun and that is what Mikzd does.

Our mission cut through the excess of products with minimal packaging, and of time wasted. Mikzd is highly concentrated and made without synthetic fillers, a little of our nutrient-rich mikzd goes a long way. Each formula is hand-crafted by a mixologist, a nutritionist, and an herbalist and is infused with a potent proprietary fruit, plant, and herbal blend, along with adaptogens, advanced but gentle actives, antioxidants, and a probiotic. All of the mikzd blends are low calorie and have no added sugar, we use monk fruit to sweeten so there is no aftertaste. All of our formulas are keto and paleo-friendly. 

We only formulate with non-toxic, sustainably harvested vegan ingredients that are good for you and the planet.

Mikzd a portable craft bartender in your pocket.
Keto and Paleo Friendly
Low Calorie- 9-12 calories a serving
Sugar free- Monk Fruit sweetened 
For living in the moment, and having more moments to savor.

Karen Zambos and Alison Kennedy are both fashion veterans. Karen ran the inviable Tracy Ross store for years and went on to own her own successful clothing label Vintage Couture by Karen Zambos. Alison Owns a PR firm KPR which focuses on beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. A&K are both dedicated to style, creativity, aesthetics, beauty, nature, and nutrition- mikzd is the combination of all of our passions the packaging is beautiful, what's inside is free from chemicals, and mikzd tastes exceptional. 

How was mikzd born? Karen and Alison used to travel ALOT and on one of these trips Karen had a brilliant idea "how great would it be if I had a cocktail mix, I could have anywhere anytime? All I need is a shot and some ice and maybe a glass..." Mikzd -the idea began, and Karen enlisted the help of her friend Alison as she had in her past experience produced several products. SO A&K put their heads together and mikzd was born! 

Now we present to you an amazing cocktail on the go as we like to say a "Bartender in your pocket," you can flavor your favorite spirit or simply flavor your water anywhere anytime. 

So ready set go, we give you permission to mikzd it up